Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday

Good Friday

At least half the name is right, yes, it's Friday ; but, no, it's not so good. Accepting, that our weather has been extremely trying and the political scene seems all but completely broken.

For instance, I am represented in Washington by an elected man, Jim Gerlach, who is not in our capital doing legislative business today but home in his district, or, somewhere warm in the World, vacationing. Jim's congress has been on more vacation time than they have been scheduled to do work. They vie with those other "do nothing" congresses that earlier voters voted out of power, something we must do to him and his comrades in 2014.

I wonder, whether or not, I am better served with him away from Washington where he seems to vote "no" on issues most important to me and my age group? The weight of public opinion indicates, with an approval rating of down around 13%, he and his fellow congressmen are doing very lousy work. He is a member of one of the worst congresses ever assembled, the pundits say.

I can only hope that more constituents of this "do nothing congress" evaluate the lousy work they have accomplished and vote them out of office. The job of an elected representative was not to be of a life long occupation but, to serve a few terms, then go back home and work there in some other profession.

When, and if, more of you think you're not being served well by your representative will you vote to replace them ? That's a tough question to be answered by tough voters. That is a question everyone must tussle with in their own heart and mind. It's very important for the health of our nation.

Ronald C. Downie

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