Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mosaic Community Land Trust

Mosaic Community Land Trust

This is a plea for the outreach of your organization to explore a new concept of business creation and placement throughout the USA. This concept is being rolled out all over the country, mainly on television, by a former MSNBC commentator, Dylan Ratigan .

Your members, sooner or later, will view information about this exciting new concept which, I believe, has a resonance to sweep it throughout the World. My interest in urging your organization to embrace this new concept is anchored in my unswerving love for Pottstown.

Pottstown has vacant land (at least an acre needed).
Pottstown needs jobs.
Pottstown has veterans.
Pottstown is progressive.
Pottstown is a college town
Pottstown has a large contingent of poor inhabitants.
Pottstown has an organizational structure, MCLT, able
to organize and oversee such an endeavor.

This concept has it's genesis in growing food, growing food hydroponically, growing food with labor from veterans, growing food through a business plan which is always evolving by creating additional businesses along a successfully tested plan. It will develop as rapidly as entrepreneurs crop up to embrace the concept.

If Pottstown lingers to ponder to death something new and exciting like this, she will remain just another down in the heals, old river town unable to get beyond her past. The large cities throughout the nation will be used for demonstration sites as the concept takes hold and filters down to wherever and whoever adopts the concept. We have the physical assets and the need. All we require is the inclination along with the drive to better ourselves. Thanks for listening.

Ronald C. Downie

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