Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Samuel 1-17, David and Goliath

Samuel 1-17, David and Goliath

The biblical David was considered a normal young teenager of average build about 120 pounds between 4 and 5 feet tall. Picture him opposite Goliath, the huge giant reported at 9 foot 6 inches tall, though some place him more closely to just below 7 feet. Their battle was to be short and sweet, one quick thrust of Goliath's sword was to be the fight over. But David was proficient with a slingshot and before a real fight began, whop, a stone between Goliath's eyes put him down and he was finished off with his own sword. His severed head was David's trophy.

Even with my taking liberties, it's a good story, as many from The Bible are. Too big to fail is not an absolute.

Take today, the super rich along with their forever powerful corporations seem invincible to the mass of common folk. Every want imaginable is realized by the rich to be just a call away, though their trophy wouldn't be of biblical nature. More and more they become cloistered, hidden behind walls of gated communities, on their yachts, or in the pleasure spaces created on their behalf at our planet's most unique geographic crossroads. The haves, like Goliath thought he was entitled to, feel secure in their excesses. They have bought and paid for a political party to do their bidding and, even with that muscle, most observers hear a creaking, like thick spring ice beginning to break up.
Too big or too powerful to fail is only a perception in the mind's of these old and new moneyed families.

When the mass of the undervalued awaken and start to realize the swing of humanity toward equality of opportunity for each and every living person, they will tilt the scale of reason in all communities throughout our nation and the World. Their sound, when finally unleashed, will deafen the World with a sound of boots on the ground marching in unison toward elimination of poverty, wiping out hunger, putting education on a pedestal, and creating an atmosphere of meaningful work for everyone.

This 21st Century is on the verge of evolving a new economic paradigm to combat the hiccups we are seeing now at the sunset of Capitalism. In its infancy, not yet ready to crawl before it walks, the equity of capital formation from work has to be reconstituted in relation to the new Century. Just as capital and its workings were retooled after the Great Depression of the 30s; so to, the 21st Century downturn of 2007/08 has shown new policies must be organized for the World to survive economically. Reorganization is far more palatable than insurrection. The first is positive, controllable ; the second is unknown, maybe the death knell of the human race, something similar to a "War Of The Worlds" of fiction's lure.

Goliath was a very formidable figure free of fears and treated as Godlike; the rich have taken a similar stance about themselves, fearless and hoped to be worshiped. The era of false Gods has reached the end of the line either with your help or without.

Ronald C. Downie

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