Sunday, September 9, 2012

What A Waste !

What A Waste !

Poverty prevails throughout our World as millions go to sleep with empty bellies night after night. All the while, two political parties here in the USA are in the midst of spending up to a "billion dollars" each on the presidential election of 2012. What a waste !

Cancer invades multitudes with no cure in sight for generations to come. Down the rat hole goes the money political parties spend on elections instead of funding a cure for Cancer. What a waste !

Potable water is becoming more scarce even in First World Countries. Instead of funding research in creating more sources of potable water to supply a thirsty World, billions are paid to other billionaire media moguls so they further spread half-truths to an unsuspecting public. What a waste !

America's main electric grid is just pieced together awaiting collapse, her bridges are in a state of disrepair, highways if not buckling in the heat are crumbling into potholes, her dams if full, leak, her schools are declining in World ranking for excellence, and "gotcha" politics spends its capital on electing an image. What a waste !

Should I waste my time on writing on this subject ? If you care less, I guess, so should I !

What a waste!

Ronald C. Downie

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