Friday, September 28, 2012



Back during my own mid-life period,
Late 30's early 40's, there about ;
I would call then the prime time of manhood,
Time when I was physically strongest,
With an iron like grip beyond the best.
I never hesitated when challenged,
Out of the blue, to an arm wrestling match
Testing me far too often, I'd admit.

Time marches on, virility with it.
I look at the lack of flesh in my hands
Wondering where did it disappear to ?
The round bulb of flesh between two fingers,
Especially between thumb and pointer,
Now just skin loosely hanging with no strength.
A man is known, I've been told, by his grip ;
Where did I go, when my grip left me cold ?

"Get a grip on yourself" Gran'Pa would say.
Gripping gets tougher the older you become
Realizing an ever limiting strength
Finding loss in your own extremities.
Gripping yourself, would seem, is all mental.
Don't confuse " Seizing the day " as gripping.
Seizing is all about an attitude,
Gripping is only physical prowess.

Ronald C. Downie

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