Sunday, September 2, 2012

Past - Future

Past - Future

Prayer - sending a message to your God -
Poetry - sending a message to a stranger -
Each from within seeking an ear without,
One strictly personal, the other universal.
Taught prayer universal when young, while
Through nursery rhymes, are taught poetry.

Maturing minds grapple with their humanity ;
Many to an unknown pray, some seek expression.
Scripting words into phrases developing themes
Jogs mental synapses into action creating verse.
Then verse pulses Earth's vibrations as thought.

Thought, caught in both worlds, real or illusory, 
Is to each person's make up as breathing or seeing,
More deeply to some, but to others diversionary.
The pinnacle of thought is wisdom, original thought.
Prayer, touted as faith based, reinforces the past ;
While poetry, gleaned from thought, seeks a future.

Ronald C. Downie

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