Monday, September 10, 2012

Spin Filament

Spin Filament 

Shimmering deep rivers running wild 
Of their birth, settle down calmly now
In vast fertile valleys as would a child
Murmuring softly to power of the plow.

Waters are banked as is blood veined,
Each eternal fluid is a life giving force.
Blood pulses sustenance to fibers trained
Eons in symphony to their energy source.

Divined up from a water birth, Man created,
Beginning the long strand in the web of life,
Unbroken since first man and woman mated.
Many heirs pound the drum, few play the fife.

Choose the instrument that you wish to play,
Not always locked away in your young years.
But my strand, I'll string to my very last day,
So spin yours, Dear Son, eliminate your fears.

Ronald C. Downie
To my son, Ronald Andrew Downie

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