Sunday, September 23, 2012

Do Nothing Legislators

Do Nothing Legislators

If your work approval rating stood at 13% would you also seek to flee your work environment and try to leave this image behind you ? What you can't leave behind is your back home constituents who'll need the wool pulled over their eyes over and over again. Not being good at legislating does not mean they are not good at vacationing from their elected duties.

Only a week after coming off a five week vacation our congressmen voted after a week in session to vacation for another five weeks. Tough duty, but if you do your work poorly, it may be best not to be on duty.

You and me and Willie behind the tree are all poorly served by do nothing legislators who vacation excessively because they can't come together to make laws which benefit all of us. Even if our elected legislators can not work for us, we must work together to replace them with others who may be able to work with each other.

You have to bite the bullet and vote out all inept incumbents, especially, your own congressman. Yes, I believe, sometimes you have to throw out the baby with the bathwater. The locals are the problem since they have honed well their art of honey tongued language which comfortably pulls the wool over our eyes. We do love warm fuzzy blankets but when used rather than good legislative initiatives we are being bamboozled. It's hard for congress to get a rating much lower than 13%.

Why not join those who believe in "Vote The Bums Out" and pledge to vote out your own incumbent !

Ronald C Downie

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