Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Universe Within

A Universe Within

Entombed within our mental mass universes
Await life. Sadly a dreaded stillbirth curses
Man to forego quantum leaps. Each generation
Slowly acquires knowledge in rapt anticipation.

Are we molded in his image by a God, personal ?
Centuries are strewn of carnage from temporal 
Piety, which fouled holy battlefields, claims Devine
Right demonstrating the horrid worst in mankind.

Awash in perpetual prayer pious true believers,
Self proclaimed, shroud wrapped, the soul receivers
Expect almighty benediction. Man's evolved creation
To ultimate extinction our lot. Demand salvation

During our lifetime by launching heart based
Missiles into the brain unhindered, not interfaced
With two thousand years awaiting Heaven or Hell.
Within you is a wonderful Universe - treat it well .

Ronald C. Downie

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