Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Song Tune

Song Tune

The song,
The song of life,
The song of life is played in the key of time.

Seconds tick minutes into hours for days to find,
As weeks couple, bearing months, that years combine
Into passing decades etched forever on the mind.
Friends, in chorus, help harmonize the melody Devine;

But the tune,
The tune is ours,
The tune is ours alone,
But the tune is ours, ours, all alone to find.

Ronald C. Downie

This poem I cherish as my signature poem.

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  1. Song Tune,   www.thepostedpoet.blogspot.com
    Song Tune is my signature poem suggesting time is the great regulator of each of our lives, segmenting periods of it at song, culminating finally in our own personal tune. It's the tune, stupid !