Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's A good Day

Some poems need multiple readings, sort a like some songs need to sung over again to set the tune safely in the listener's mind. This poem needs multiple readings.

It's A Good Day 

It's a good day, Lily, for a walk, 
This second day of the new year.
Time, wrote writers, will march on
Either with us or leave without us.

Let's walk up this well used country lane,
So take my arm, since I'm a wee bit wobbly.
This reminds me a lot of early growing up 
Over in Chester County, in lush farm lands.

Look up there in the sun light along the bank
Why it's Tiger Lilies growing in all their glory.
They radiate such a lovely deep, orange color
And their speckled throats draw in many bees.

In the shade, over there beyond the stone wall,
I spy some low growing plants, let's pick flowers.
My goodness, these are bursting with fragrance
From little bells, oh, they're Lily Of The Valley.

Look ahead, just past the old mill at the mill pond,
Isn't that a bull frog sitting up on a floating pad ?
See how leaf pads caress the pure white flowers
Which cup up, calling, "I'm a Water Lily, fill me up."

Time to head back the lane arched over with trees,
Leaving peacefulness of this stroll behind as scenes
Fade but, over there in the field, what a beautiful
Display of pastel colors, Day Lilies grace our sight.

We often wonder what's in a name, like is it, fame ?
No, not that, that's too temporary. The name, Lily,
For example, is a pretty young girl growing into a 
Lovely lady which we proudly call - Granddaughter.

Ronald C. Downie
Love, Nanny and Pop Pop
January 2, 2012
A dozen of meaningful years !

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