Saturday, February 25, 2012



The new buzz word, re-localization, was dominant as a theme during a recent program on H2 called The  Prophets Of Doom. The panel discussed the most pressing issues of our time which, if not shortly addressed, will begin to cripple our way of life that we're used to. Re-localization is the effort to bring  as many life sustaining processes back into local proximity. 

One was, primarily, producing food as locally as possible realizing presently the average evening meal travels, it is calculated, 1200 miles before making it to the dinner table. Future transportation costs will prohibit this in upcoming years. Personal and public gardens will proliferate as well as the raising of animals for food. Urban areas will have to rework their ordinances to accommodate gardens and animal husbandry within their legal jurisdictions.  

Similarly, for wage employment jobs, factories and commercial type businesses must begin to be relocated closer to the more densely populated urban areas. Household items of disposable nature, those things purchased frequently, will more and more adhere to principals of re-localization just to keep their costs within reason. 

Energy will have to take on a local appeal by maximizing the renewals commonly called wind and solar. Natural gas produced for us near here in Pennsylvania may be a bridge energy for gaining time until some other renewable is developed. 

The panel also discussed other prospects of doom : 
-The fragility of the World wide financial system, 
-The reduced availability of potable water to quench
 the thirst of the World's burgeoning population, 
-A nuclear winter,
-the array of natural disasters, earth quakes, 
  volcanoes, tsunamis, comets

Re-localization is doable if we as a society don't get in its way before it establishes itself.

Ronald C. Downie

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