Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Arrival Of Superman

The Arrival Of Superman

Viral, when a news story goes viral, the whole World
becomes an oyster with the reporter wishing every grain of sand turned over produces a beautiful pearl.
The Mercury has found its oyster while investigating the Ugg saga. From a lowly story of ankle high furry boots which now, through dogged investigative crack reporting, uncovers a strange conspiracy involving, of all things, cinnamon. World Wars were fought over the control of the spice trade but they were many Centuries ago. Could The Mercury have uncovered a festering wound which has lain dormant all these many hundreds of years ?        

Just think of it, The Mercury back in the lime light, back when Pulitzer Prize winners were on the staff payroll. The two Tom's, Hylton and Kelly, may have to move over and make room for a modern day Clark Kent in the person of the new recipient, Evan Brandt. I can picture Evan in Superman attire popping up in many Alan MacBain cartoons. What an image !

Shanty Hill would be so proud, as would Bob Boyle who, if possible, would boat in from Bermuda, and even Joe Zlomek could come home from Sanatoga. I can see it all again, the Grand Parade down High Street complete with bands all wearing Uggs and floats extolling the virtue of moderation in the use of pungent spices. Picture Evan popping up from a large cake centered on the lead float while a recording plays "Ode To Ink" as Nancy March, form fitted into her high school cheer leading outfit, handles the baton like the true trooper she is.

I love a parade !
Ronald C. Downie


  1. Mr. Downie, as a media expert, allow me to offer some advice.

    If you hope to encourage people to return to this site, on a regular basis, I strongly recommend you refrain from planting images of me in tight-fitting clothing into their minds.

    Nevertheless, my thanks for the kind mention ... no matter how firmly your tongue was planted in your cheek.

  2. I remember as a kid a story Shandy Hill did that ended up as a movie--The Big Story? Miss those old guys.