Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Special Day At Second Baptist

      A Special Day At Second Baptist

A tall steeple spires Pottstown's highest hill
Above strong walls of matched field stone.
Within,  pitched voices heavenly trill
At Second Baptist, their spiritual home.

   Are there shadows dark enough to hide
   A light within shining deep inside ?

Below, in the valley of the Schuylkill River
Arched trees gracefully mark her banks.
Finally clean, clear flows this life giver.
Man's new conscience commands our thanks.

    I ask. Are there shadows dark enough to hide
    A light within beaming from deep inside ?

Up there, somewhere on mountains high
The heavens open, down strong rains pour
Streams, creeks, and rivers from the sky.
Water flows for all, for rich and the poor.

     Say, are there shadows dark enough to hide
     A light within glowing deep inside ?

Not all rivers run deep of rain water.
Thought streams and brooks of want flow together
Carrying dreams for humanity's order.
We are immersed in life regardless the weather.

     Who could light dark shadows which tries to hide
     An illuminating message from the heart inside ?

King ! Why King could ! Yes, Dr. Martin could :
Spark a flint, light a candle, ignite a flame ,
Have a dream, a dream that inspired all who would 
Listen. Spread light, sing out, Proclaim ! Proclaim !
      There are no shadows dark enough to hide
      A bright light radiating from deep inside .
      Proclaim ! There are no shadows so dark to hide
      A spiritual blessing sent from the Lord On High.

              Ronald C .Downie.

Note : Written for and was read at a special service honoring Dr. Martin Luther King held at Second Baptist, January 20, 2003.     

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