Thursday, January 12, 2012

From What Wondrous Wood

From What Wondrous Wood

From what wondrous wood is a stage floor made?
Century trees spire stately cathedral, grain right
Through a woodsman's eye whose heart's a blade.
Ennobled are those trees chosen by his keen sight.

The cushioned hum of a forest is pierced by the bark
Of a chain saw revved high for top speed to excite
Oil for ease of passage. Razor teeth bite the mark
Incision sure, another majestic tower falls just right.

Rudely dragged over holy ground, like Nimrod's prey,
Both sliced and severed, even so, heartwood lives.
Kiln fires stoked, sweating out crowns lumber's day,
Wood seasoned endures as words of a poem, gives.

Virgin wood, oyster pearl smooth, jeweler eye hewn,
Delicate ballet symphonic, awaits its artful crafters.
No longer bird or breeze melodize forest tree's tune,
Staccato ropey, hammer and saw, resonate rafters.

Audience hushed, curtain up, coronation begun :
Music will be manna, the sustenance of choice.
A rainbow of bright spotlights supplant father sun,
The dancer's tapping engenders lumber its own voice. 

   Ronald C. Downie

For Bonnie upon her birthday acknowledging her lifelong love of the dance.

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