Friday, January 27, 2012

Sir Eagle

      Sir Eagle

Leisurely I looked down at the oval pond:
Sun sparkled , wind rippled , shimmering on .
Thoughts mingled aimlessly within my mind,
Life' s a struggle, answers are hard to find .

Not a special day, sitting in the pine grove
Enjoying the sunny day, watching birds rove
Through branches or the grey fox far afield.
What was the grand shadow my eyes yield ?

Glide silent , majestically sublime ,
Even there in shade drenched pine ,
Hide and seek on wood 's floor below ,
What grandeur in his shadow's flow .

Sir Eagle chose my grove to grace 
This day on west winds strong in place ,
For he who rides to heights unknown
Plummets to capture his prey alone .

Extinction faced this great noble bird ,
Man 's problems are really I'll compared .
So children , we wish you would claim 
With honor, to carry forth your name .

Ronald C. Downie

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