Monday, January 16, 2012

Rebirth Of Pottstown, A College Town

Rebirth Of Pottstown, A College Town*

John, John Potts, what was it like,
When first to this place you came?
You conceived a form, a town was born,
That forevermore carries your name .

You pledged your trust to a westward bluff,
Meandering east Manatawny creek ran clean   
To our river so pure that had sadly in store
The traffic for dirty coal's black rock glean .

The Schuylkill tamed, from Holland named,
She's a marriage of many creeks and streams.
But the scourge of time, the discharge of slime,
Was in ignorance of man's best drempt dreams.

So, John, again we'll look to her use,
To draw life for your town worn down .
Will the river forgive past utter abuse
And revive the rebirth of your Pottstown ?

Ronald C. Downie

*Our college town, Pottstown, long in history is poised for a rebirth, especially, if we associate our town with the positive image of The Montgomery County Community College. Please do your part. Remember to put a tag on Pottstown, "a college town" whenever you write or print our Town's name.


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