Friday, January 13, 2012

Be A Leader

Be A Leader

Prior to light pollution, when young,
Before the dank smog of dirty air,
Heaven each night was lowly hung .
Glittering stars then sharply clear,
Brightly shining through full sky flung,
Amazingly how heaven drew so near .

Running waters crystal sure
Drank from as thirstiness came
Stream bottoms seen clear and pure .
A push, splash, wet's the game,
Traveling streams a dripping tour,
Now polluters ply their evil aim .

Back then : fields so deeply green,
Horses set plows deep, rows long,
Litter yet to be, roads so clean,
Each home a garden, birds at song,
Young run and jump their bodies lean,
Lifestyles these days, are they wrong ?

Today : the air, the water, the land,
All belong to this now generation -
To be stewards of - responsibility grand .
The future always draws high expectation
As the ebb and flow of life etches the sand .
Always be a leader by nudging out competition .

  Ronald C. Downie

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