Friday, August 19, 2011



Strong young vines heaven in mind
Stretch and grow skyward to find
Nourishment in warm rays of sunshine,
Holy sweet nectar's source, Devine.

Cameron, Alix, Kendria, and Stephen,
Casey, Conner, Evan, Ian, and Lilly : men
And women, boys and girls, babes to adult,
Vines of my linage, our heredity the result.

Rooted Earth for moisture's measure
Sips diluted for growing's pleasure.
Nitrogen, phosphorus, potash, and all
Iron, and boron await calcium's call.

Young ones grow so swiftly it seems
They far surpass a grandfather's dreams,
Nourished with good food and proper drink
Strength for muscles, brain matter to think.

Up, up you tangled climbers grow
Wrap and hug entwined you'll go.
Taller the host higher you'll climb
Slow and steady in Nature's time.

They, their beginning, me at my end,
Good life awaits them, engaging, a friend.
The Universe their stage, it's -"Glory Be" -
However vines grow they are an honor to me.

   Ronald C . Downie

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