Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Messenger Ancestor

The Messenger Ancestor

Dog-eared thoughts crease corners of my cerebral pages
Ancestrally bound by hardened covers of earlier ages.
Universal questions chapter this book that engages 
Me to write at this point in time . Please listen , my reply .

I have lived well beyond my half-life years .
Warm thoughts furrow happy acres, but, tears
Embedded deeply erode forgotten ancient fears
Wondering :" Why am I here?" and "Who am I ?"

Uranium encased rods are organized to squeeze heat
Into electric current, when spent, active life's complete .
But, until sealed to sleep decades of ten thousand years, feat
Required of our heirs , no stirring allowed nor restless cry .

Do atoms compressed into stiff rods differ that greatly
From DNA atoms strung like a pearl neckless neatly
To imprint fibers of the human body still physically
Evolving ? Atoms from the same early primal stew ply

Their way for eons until there present purpose found : one ,
Heat to electric , two , human imprint , a mental sun ,
Brain waves at the center of a thought universe which run 
Not only backward but forward toward a cosmic try

To create a Supreme Being in our own image . Earth rendered
Subservient . Desired omnipotent, God was engendered 
Male by decree . With impunity, oppressors remembered
As cruel and debasing , unjust and inhumane , which flies

In the face of humanity . I'm here only by chance ,
To do no harm so offspring of my DNA may dance
To the natural rhythms of Mother Earth . They will remember
Me , The Messenger Ancestor , not forced into sleep am I .

         Ronald C. Downie 

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