Thursday, August 18, 2011

"To Be Or Not To Be"

Sometimes it is easier to write a poem for a family member when you can pinpoint that person's true nature in the first person. The following poem fits this description.

To Be, Or Not To Be ...

"To be, or not to be, that is the question :"
Shakespeare's Hamlet spoke beginning "Act 1".

We take from the past to form a firm future
Beyond all expectations, except your very own.

Your's, a dogged determination to seek excellence :

Ability to triage assignments, to power read,
The gift of memory, to channel the mind, all
Point you toward a wisdom based environment
Which, as all environs need, is to be nurtured.

A garden requires a winter's rest, and spring's
Renewal by turning the soil, adding nutrients,
Planting the best seeds, sunshine, moisture,
And grubbing out unwanted noxious vegetation.

Build gardens melding your mind with your heart
So the blessing of expectations fulfills itself
Allowing all the great questions of the Earth to
Have answers formed in the gardens you've prepared.

Love Always, Nanny and Pop Pop

For Ian upon attaining Fifteen Years of age.

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