Wednesday, August 3, 2011



Capture life through your five senses :

Smell the sweet wisp of fresh fragrant lilacs .
Taste the sharp tartness of a ripe Winesap .
Feel the hand smoothed surface of antique wood .
Hear the murmuring of softly falling water .
See western far horizons painted mauve at dusk .

Somewhere beyond the obvious
Lurks an attitude, a sixth sense,
A resilience born flush of spirit
Drawn from a person's gene pool .

Grandfather at fourteen drove a 
Horse and wagon Penn State to Linfield ,
Then survived Europe's W.W. I .
Charlie with Florence produced ten .

The widowed grandmother left Scotland , 
Just missed the Titanic , but she caught
The Great Depression here in America
Where she raised six of her children .

Bent over with age , grandfather
Also caught the Depression, even so,
Andy Grey and Wee Annie raised four
Boys, Scots, who willingly chose America .

Evolved with an attitude - resilience 
Found deep within our forbearer's genes .

  Ronald C. Downie  

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