Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Star Fish And Ants

Star Fish And Ants

You must of heard of the beach goer meeting up with a guy bending over, picking up individual star fish and throwing each back in the ocean from the thousands which were beached from the out going tide. When asked, why he bothered picking star fish up and tossing them back in the ocean since there was far too many to make a difference; he replied, it makes a real difference to the ones I throw back.

I'm losing the battle with ants this year, especially those tiny little ones that I have trouble seeing. But, when I do see them, I squash them good and think about the guy and the star fish. I'll never kill them all, but the ones that I do kill won't bother me again.

In all my years, 37 in this house 76 total, I've never experienced ant populations so great, especially the wee, little ones. Have any of you had the same problem ? If so, and you found a good solution to get rid of them, please let me and the public know.

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