Monday, September 12, 2016

The Crotch 

After two weeks of tennis, tennis, tennis I am trying to get myself weaned from the insistence of serve and volley. Last evening the men's final was played : Stan Wawrinka out dueled Novak Djokovic to win the Championship Trophy.

Stan and Novak out lasted the bigs, who seemed to go down early in the tournament ; also the quicks, who seemed to run out of pep ; then the also rans who ran out of steam. It's a long haul these two weeks of torrid play which ended last night. 

I do have an observation that speaks to tennis over the multitude of years I've watched the sport on TV.  For years the premier tennis player was Rafael Nadal who has faded recently because of injury and most likely age. This Spaniard may be remembered for the reflex action he displays, especially, each time when he serves the ball. Prior to serving : Rafael tugs at his behind and under garments, then his sleeves, his hair, and then he swipes at his nose. 

I remind you of this because the winner last night, Stan Wawrinka, must be wearing similar undergarments which Nadal wears. Too often Stan tugs at his bottom, I figure, to relieve the unnatural feeling of something crawling up his leg and bunching up in his crotch. These players ought to checkout an army of of undergarment manufactures making their garments here. I surely hope this reflex is not catching !

Ronald C. Downie

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