Monday, September 5, 2016

TV Ramblings

Waiting patiently, first Saturday of September after a week of storms, for the Penn State/Kent State game on TV. Ohio State is humbling Bowling Green as I await games end on the same station. I'm lounging deep into my huge recliner that I've become too comfortable in. The Blue Band, in all its splendor, has taken the field at Beaver Stadium awash in crazed fans constantly hollering their home team chants. It must be a crazy afternoon there that I'd love to experience just one more time before my life's end. That's not to be, so TV remains the best alternative.

With TV my main connection with current life outside the house, I've become disillusioned with some TV antics that wears me out. Take a football game happening in rhythm when all of a sudden the ref's call for stoppage of play because they want to, not only review the previous play once but twice, belaboring the game and interrupting the flow of the game incessantly. Zebras have a place in this world but not so much in a football game. Thank goodness, Penn State won handily.

But my biggest peeve, toweling ! No matter, how much moisture is apparent on tennis players, a nod from any of them, causes a ball boy/girl to spring into action, towel in hand, while we the audience wait. Just think, boxers swing at each other, but time out, as trainers bring out the towels and wipe down their contestant because they're perspiring. Or, tie score, 3-2, pitcher starts his windup, but wait, timeout, there's a beed of sweat noticed by a coach on his pitcher's forehead. By goodness, stop the game - stop the damn game - what do you think, is this football ? Hey Connie, get me a warmed towel, I feel moisture building up on my brow.

Ronald C. Downie

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