Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Is Upon Us

Emerging, elongating,
Unfolding, budding,
Coloring, flowering,
Wilting, dropping flower pedals.

Then leafing out,
Primary limb formation,
More lateral limbing,
Adding girth and mass,
Exponential growth.

Life is divided into two segments :
The first half, actively growing.
The second, retaining formed growth.

First half life continues to add mass ;
Second half just sustains and maintains,
Birth delivers a form requiring growth.

Death gives this life form its finality,
Whether it be plant or be it animal.
All life forms conscript to this process.

Some humans have their lives extended.
You see their monuments erected in parks,
Read names in books, hear tales about them.

But, even though Spring annually arrives,
And birth evolves allowing life to unfold,
Fall triggers the coming of a second half.

Leaf coloring, browning, curling, falling.
Winter ushers in a sense of life's ending.
Gathering in eatables we stock for winter

Subject to the Natural Laws of the Universe
Man holds no higher a place in life's existence
Than all other life forces on this our planet.

Man's lust to alter these laws draws him
Into the wilds of Faith, a dependence on
The unknown, sinking him into a bubbling crucible
Holding the power of an unsuspecting bondage.

Belief in faith needs faith in belief, sort of a
Revolving theme, needing constant reinforcement.
Ministers seize the airwaves in hot pursuit :
Sizing you up, shaking you down, spouting off.
Their words, could become your's, if you let them.

Spring's upon us, wear it well !

Ronald C. Downie

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