Monday, March 7, 2016

Black Holes Of Ignorance

Ardently claiming insight into the black holes of ignorance, the learned, through their writings in books and articles, try to pierce the bleak of darkness in hope of enlightening the World. The World, in its enormity, has a vastness which covets darkness as it tries to suck in all ambient light.

Through the millenniums, the learned have built upon their counterparts over the passing centuries who had cast off the darkness of ignorance through their understanding of mathematics and science, history and astronomy, along with the social sciences. Light is emitted wherever learned knowledge is allowed to prosper; whether in a single mind or expanded out unto a population.

Find politicians who bet on ignorance, for they are the proponents of the black holes driving down the brightness of creation. Make sure these legislators are voted out of office. When these leaders trick us into stepping backward, we trip over ourselves, so civilization is stymied for a while from taking giant steps into the future.

Our ancestors, especially of the pre agriculture era, worshiped what they could readily see. The longest day was evident for they could sense the days increasing in sunlight, then the change, as the days of decreasing sunlight were observed. Solstice, the day we now celebrate, was extremely important to our fore bearers because it defined a specific day for the grand change of daylight's duration. The change, even though so gradual, the learned of the tribe was charged with its determination and setting the date.

For you, who seek light over darkness, you have a job to do, a very important job. You must muster strength enough to vote out any legislator who promotes the opposite of your desires; that of demanding light, which casts illumination over darkness.

Ronald C. Downie

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