Sunday, March 6, 2016

Clouded In Song

"We'll Meet Again,
Don't know where,
Don't know when..."
"Some Sunny Day."
Join in along with Vera Lynn to the end of "Doctor Strangelove".
In the far distance a blooming mushroom cloud billows up in a distinctive way. Its destruction defies the beauty in the visual display that expands while Vera Lynn's lyrics sore to take reality away.

We live in the shadow of the bomb, not by choice, but by a thread sewing an illusion over the World that people of logic control the send buttons.
All the while in calculated ignorance, a cataclysmic weather change is encircling the Earth that will cause unheralded disruption to the life of inhabitants not yet born. Which will end life first as we have known it ?
Maybe it's just as good if we all join in with songs that brought the free world together to put down the sinister forces of evil. Vera Lynn had a wonderful way of bringing crowds together in song. A Sing Along is not only a thing of the past but it would do wonders for congress rather than for them to write letters which whip up a storm unseen till now. Join in, "We'll Meet Again, ...".

Ronald C. Downie

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