Friday, March 11, 2016

Color in all its Splendor

Thursday the 10th of March, 2016 was quite an eventful day, the third in a row of record temperatures which allowed me to sit out on my front porch each afternoon. Any time the mercury registers above 70 degrees the front porch is beckoning, especially, if the winds blow light with a calming breeze.

The beckoning warmth drawing me outside did something more to the flowering world which hid most of the winter underground. Our flowering cherry came out in a full deep pink array, so full of ever plumping buds the Star Magnolia broke creamy white on a few upper branches, and our dwarf quince is just ready to grace the flowerbed it's growing in in distinctive color.

I love the flowering bulbs which abruptly pop up in their dazzling coloration ; crocuses : distinctive in yellows, purple of delight, pinkish that blush. Our daffodils popped out the ground first and they show yellow that would make the poet, William Wordsworth, gush with verse. Tulips break ground as early as daffodils but tulips must need more time to push flower buds or, do they retain their color underground longer to appreciate the beauty in pigments ? "Each in its own good time" seems to be one of the tenants of nature somewhat difficult to appreciate for mere mortals. We humans must learn to take time to observe and let nature evolve as it has for eternity.

Ronald C. Downie

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