Monday, February 22, 2016

   The Village Within

With all the flowers
Across from
Golf Course Road,
A couple of cars,
A Cape Cod with a garage,
South of the railroad tracks,
Old Reading Pike.
You'll see, color everywhere.

A house in a village
Stands out
By its tendered colorful care
Displayed by those bedded flowers
That engage the eye
And capture an emotion
To just visit.

It is the village
Within these walls
That makes this place stand out.
It is the extreme love exhibited
Awaiting the passing
Of a mate's life
Which mirrors Nature's Law :

A season of germination,
Birth and unfolding,
Then pressing into a burst
Of colorful flowers,
Setting the stage again
For fertile seeds,
Before a sleep.

With a smile and a nod
We pass the flowered abode
Happy to have seen the color display
We feel a tug within the chest
A twang from
"The Village Within."

Ronald C. Downie

For Sherri and family-
Remembering Steve Kurtz : husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, and friend to all.

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