Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Perpetuating Failure

Suites with ties on the benches of professional sports teams don't play in the games but they address press conferences. Suites with ties who administer public education don't meet with children in classrooms but they, too, address the press.

The problem arises from the proliferation of suits who are neither on the court nor in the classroom but they promote policy without the agony of actually competing and they speak to the press as if they're superstars.

Education has become bloated, top heavy, in order to fill out forms that Harrisburg requests. Sports teams are overwhelmed with statistics ; such as, how many times does a player blink when he attempts a shot or swings a bat. Are school rooms destined to be under the analyzer of statistics, statistics as absurd as, how many flies are on east facing windows as opposed to all others ? Of course, professional teachers would be expected to perform the counting task.

Even more bloated is the whole Washington, DC. fiasco : bureau after sub-bureaus piled upon each other under which weight the system is bound, someday, to bust. The IRS is an ever expanding behemoth which will implode in due time. We all heard about "inflate gate" ; now when the tide changes, the seas rise, and the Potomac seeks sea level storage facilities will be under water, with it, most staffers weak at swimming will be gone. Another government holiday is in the offing.

Ronald C. Downie

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