Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Not Understanding Caucuses

Talk about not eating sausage or scrapple if you saw it being made. Well, the Iowa caucuses gave me the same feelings when I tried to understand them while watching it all unfold on television. The greatest, strongest country on earth chooses its president, the World leader, by a process a kin to a butcher shop process. Everything but the squeak and the squeal went into these caucus theatrics.

Someday when the United Sates matures beyond an Old Western mentality of guns and guts by understanding elections are part of the sacred trust between the voters and those we elect to lead our nation.
Primaries, with the Iowa caucuses leading off, are strictly political party affiliations and many times unique to the state they're scheduled  in.

First, a multi-party commission should be convened to rewrite the election process. When passed, this commission should have considered  in its deliberations the following : (1) weekend elections (2) divide country into six primary election territories (3) universal use of private voting booths (4) any other suggestions by you or others.

Second, a similar commission be empowered to limit terms. House limits ; 6, two year terms ; Senate limits ; 2, six year terms ; President limits ; remain the same, 2, four year terms.

Ronald C. Downie

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