Sunday, February 14, 2016

Gunfight In South Carolina

Just another episode at the "OK Corral" last night at the Republican Presidential Debates. Sharp guttural words aimed at one another debaters stung as if gunshots were being used. Cries of liar, liar cut the air frequently. Grown men, thought intelligent, lowered themselves back into a world of playground bullying through words remembered as harsh and biting.

Will a Republican nominee evolve from these six men, well from the four combatants who wore six shooters ? Two, who are relegated to also ran : one meek and mild, the other who talks like an older brother full of logic stayed away from the fray since they were not packing.

It is extremely difficult for me to picture one of the four as presidential. Will I be able to keep my mind on a presidential speech like the State of the Union or a talk to the nation without picturing last nights debate ? I doubt it. At 81, I still remember the bullies on the elementary school playground as being loud, harsh, and dishonest.
Is a gunfight what will determine just who will lead America into the future?

Ronald C. Downie

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