Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Who the hell do they think they're kidding ? Not enough money, they wail to all who'll listen, to all who eat at their trough, to all who are duped by the rich's lust for wealth and income leaving little, if any, for the rest of us.

The haves perpetuate the idea they need more from the pie in order for the rich to continue to have the economy prosper. Hog wash, I say, just like the old feudal system when the aristocracy took more and more until the system imploded.

They built more castles, thick walled and moated to keep out the peasants until the beat down, downtroddened  peasants revolted. The mortared walls of castles still stand although their rich occupants fled long ago trying  to preserve their ill-gotten wealth but to little avail. 

"Fools and their gold are soon parted."

Not enough money to raise the minimum wage, nor enough to extend unemployment insurance, or  enough to provide health insurance is a guise by the haves to deny the have-nots. 

The One %ers portion of wealth and percentage of income has risen about 300% while the middle class income shrank 10%. Such a disparity can not continue without a disruption from the denied against the too, too well healed. Not enough money for everyone, my ass, there's plenty if it's spread around properly.

Ronald C. Downie

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