Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is Your Powder Dry ?

Ignorance is pervasive among those of all ages who put faith above science, who give no credence to evolving facts, who bow to the self elevating leaders, who ignore the building blocks of all life. The acceptance of an unexamined life is too, too pervasive among a lethargic public intent on going along to get along. Ignorance has a brother in complacency where the two work off each other to find the lowest level they can sink to.

Knowledge, or the pursuit of knowledge, has no steadfast goals but only that of an ever aggressive need to press ahead, to see the next hill and scale it, then to see the next and so on. Most humans have the aptitude to pursue knowledge but need a nudge to muster the attitude to get on with it. A country with an attitude not to accept ignorance as acceptable is a country poised on great things.

Those among us in leadership who seem to accept or, more wrongly, coddle ignorance must be rooted out of office, voted out of office. Individually, each of us has an important job to do from now to 2014 election. Shoulder your muskets and make sure your powder is dry!

Ronald C. Downie

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