Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lily Noelle

Lily Noelle Kurtz is a millennium grandchild,
Born 1/2/2000, she'll see this full Century
And make her mark on life, you bet she will !

"Absolutely not, no sir, she's not pretty" !
"Lily is beautiful"! At fourteen she's a beauty
For her age, like a lily flowering in the garden.

So superficial, pretty is lightly veiled;
Beauty, though, is raw, sound features:
Jet black hair, dark eyes, coy smile.

Wings on heels, strong heart, stride thighs, 
Crack of the gun starts both legs pumping,
End of straightaway tape awaits disruption.

Classrooms develop into a comfort zone,
Words and numbers are pleased with use,
But, pictorial composition draws her further in.

Lily's brothers set an awfully high bar to top,
She's up to the task, her eye's on the mark.
Education counts in a household of learning.

Just as May Bells delight, could Lily's smile
Ignite pungent fragrances in garden's path?
The beauty of the lily's both in sight and scent.

Lily will affect life as day lilies do for gardens,
Creating composition with color combinations,
Vast patches, diverse colors, eyes pleasured.

With open arms the World awaits you.
You'll arrive in good time. Don't rush !
Maturity is time sensitive, it develops. 

With All Our Love,
Happy Birthday !
Nanny&Pop Pop

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