Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bonnie Lea - Happy Birthday

When hearing the toll of New Year's bells
I step back realizing what another year tells,
January 11th, date of eldest's birthday has 
Arrived, pushing three score, dancing to jazz.

Do I hear a tap, tap, taping on the floor ;
See a deep long swaying move and more ?
Has music in her feet, singing on her lips,
Her perpetual motion has swaying of her hips.

Bonnie's odyssey with sister, Sherri, began
Early in life due to imperfections of bad parents.
Rising out of these shadows she's won battles,
Bore two, Cameron-Kendria , married Kenny.

Caught up in the cold Polar Vortex, long
Forgotten thoughts drift away from memory.
You'll find the lyrical music of song 
Which describes early life, your own story.

Birthdays, believe me, continue to come
No matter how much we want to forget.
It's best to embrace them, but there are some
More memorable, they're without regret. 

Happy Birthday !
Love You !
Dad & Connie


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