Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tom Quigley

Tom Quigley

I've known Mr. Quigley ever since he came on the Pottstown political scene. Swimming now against the tide of a Democratic swell sweeping over Montgomery County, Tom Quigley's time in office, if not over now, will be over next election.

What has a Republican led legislature in Harrisburg done for Pottstown voters these last few years ? Zip, nana, nothing is their record, of which, Tom Quigley is a long term member. What have they done for our greatest encumbering legislative initiative, that of local property taxation paying for education. Nothing, all talk - no action is their song.

Pennsylvania's legislature must have a very low approval rating but, I bet, the Federal Congress shows them up handily. Something like 10-15 % approval is Washington's rating. This question begs an answer :
Why would an intelligent electorate vote back into office legislators who compiled such a low rating ? It seems crazy to me to return them to be even worse.

Almost any fairly run office can handle constituent generated problems which needs no help from the legislator. Yes, the Congressman or Senator is needed to collect checks from "heavy hitters" and lobbyists. Payola is still Lord in political circles.

Mr. Quigley, I'm sure, is a very nice man. I've talked to him quite often about various themes but he seems not able to get things done. I believe, he is a party man first, the people's man second. He's now caught in the next election syndrome, at all times running for the next election not for legislation to help his constituents. I'll suggest, Tom needs this job and he'll fight to keep it, he will not challenge the leaders to get legislation for his people.

The best we can do is replace him, get him an honest job, and find someone else who'll work for we the people, we the voters.

Ronald C. Downie

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