Monday, November 5, 2012

Electric Woes

Electric Woes

Why does it seem like the distribution of electricity unravels more and more with each storm cluster that comes along. What trees will uproot this time and bring down lines ? Which segment of their franchise will the electric company purposely turn off so their whole system won't go down ? These are some of the questions each of us have on our minds.

We the public are dependent on our electric company, a corporate monopoly, which through government edict gave us as customers to these corporate giants just because we settled in this area. Back then we had no choice, and now, still have none. Even with our independent streak, there is nothing we can do to change the relationship between the government and the electric companies unless we as a united group join together to press our combined displeasure.

The big question arrises, why aren't monopoly electric companies responsible for supplying their customers with uninterrupted power ? If they don't, why aren't they required to pay a default payment to each customer left without power ?

Just as soon as some regulation like this is adopted the electric companies will join their minds together and eliminate most of the impediments causing outages because it's in there own best interest. It seems self interest is the best driving influence to force change in the attitude of almost anyone and cash payments are the a greatest motivators.

As long as a monopoly is not required to function at near 100%, it won't. It is too easy to trim some trees, some times; or bury some wires, somewhere; or weatherproof substations, to a degree; or take the easy way out, turn off electric to some areas.

No, I don't know the particular problems but, I do think,
If we don't require a monopoly to work to their fullest potential, someone in the process will figure out a way to flaunt the system and alter the spread sheet to show cost savings from inaction which would feather their personal nest.

It is great to see large caravans of lift trucks for wire work flow into your area when you're out of electric, but, wouldn't be better not to be out of electric in the first place. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure" even today, whether you believe or not. It's up to you to voice your interests or remain silent and put up with what you have.

Ronald C. Downie

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