Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lia Alexandra

Lia Alexandra

Girl of the Tamiami Trail, Lia's
Our warm Florida connection, our nurse,
Our confidant, our strength, our go to girl.
Born last of the girls to our family,

She tans well, rides well, steers the boat well,
She's a good cook, she has beach etiquette.
Lia has proven she can hook the big one.
Riding trail to work, she nurses the sick.

Red Barn beware cause she's heading back home,
Though Hog's Breath Saloon is her southern stop.
Fine grain her two wheeled ride dress attire,
Leather also are her boots for riding.

Lia, at four score and five, not yet half life,
Excels at demanding a good full life.
The big Greek is cooking now in North Port,
But, with places go, she's never hungry.

Cares for the ill and cares for the flowers.
Lucy's trail, listen for her chirp on wing,
But from her other end you'll see that trail.
Watch out for the snake, check out the big cranes.

She travels well, such a good visitor,
Makes her hosts at ease as she flows the day.
Lia will take control of difficult
Situations unassumingly well.

The Tamiami Trail Girl, Nocomis,
Florida, On Dante Drive, Gulf Coast.
May your smiling good looks forever be
With you on your birthday and every day.

May your life be fulfilled and fulfilling.

Happy Birthday, Lia Alexandra Downie,
With All Our Love - Mom & Dad

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