Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sport Of Holidays

Unlike bygone years when Xmas holidays meant cutting down a tree over at the Christmas Tree Farm, acquiring the raw materials to make tree ornaments and presents, then finding time to accomplish both efforts. Today, in the hub bub of accelerated living, the only constant seems that more and more sports can be seen on television during Holiday Seasons. 

Another World Being arriving here on Earth for the first time could certainly think football, basketball, and soccer, maybe even ice hockey, were the main celebratory events scheduled around Earth man's holidays. They battle one another over roundish things, some inflated with common air so they can bounce, in order to excite an audience assembled to watch them. Far too often they punched each other when formal action slowed. They seemed to be of a brutal race willing to maim or be maimed just over a game played with a ball or a hunk of rubber. Humans are certainly a special type of earthlings, guess they could call them planetary humanoids. 

Replacing the religious aura surrounding our yearend holiday celebrations, sports seems to have filled the void in people's lives once dedicated to spiritual ritual.As the public ages, spirituality goes along with it, leaving the roar of a younger crowd supplanting the quiet of the temple for the elderly. The sight of graven images, a constant found throughout biblical teachings, has been transformed also into the din of the stadium.The masses can be drawn into most any folly especially when frenzy draws in many who normally would not let the crowds effect them. The herd mentality subtly takes hold of groups and dictates outcomes not often thought of; sort of, crossing the water by migrating herds while knowing there are crocodiles waiting in the water for a meal. Watch out for herders for they may draw you into following the crowd which could get you being a meal.

Ronald C. Downie

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