Thursday, December 11, 2014

Our "Go To" Guy, Evan Alexander Downie

Neither walking on water nor loaves into fishes,
Does our grandson, Evan; son Ronnie's, boy,
Accomplish. But, what  he does for grandparents, 
Connie and me, we feel is of similar significance.
Evan understands the subtle needs of aging adults :
We need a helping hand to do quite menial tasks.
From time to time, a smiling face coming in the door
Brightens a lackluster day with a look, a happy hello.

You, Evan, our work oriented grandson's birthday is 
Today. Twenty One is an eventful day, which with 
The tic of the clock, elevates you from youth to adult.
A Man, by law, requires you to always act responsibly. 

We're sure you understand how important your life is.
A desire to care for other people is a biblical calling,
It embodies the principal : "Do for the least of us as 
You have them do for yourself", self fulfilling prophecy.

You are discovering the difference between Needs and 
Wants : a Need is what's required to live life fruitfully,
Want is something you desire free from life sustaining. 
To fully appreciate each is an experience in adulthood.

Youthful jaunts are fleeting away in past memories ;
Adult journeys are tugging at you to be now started.
Each journey, we are told, starts with the first step,
Every building rises brick by brick, one after another. 

It is up to you, "go forth and spread beauty and light,"
Be a nimble warrior by warding off negative thoughts, 
Be a polished striker, soccer's of the feet and head.
You're the kind of person our World needs, good man.

Reward yourself with an education first, then travel
The World spreading your knowledge throughout it.
Your importance flows through your veins with ease,
Don't flaunt it, accept it. Your the man of this hour.

A good man is not alway easy to find, you need be 
Born for the job, for -"a job worth doing is a job worth 
Doing well"- "a good job is its own reward"- your date 
Of birth, your 21st is a starting point, Happy Birthday!!!

With All Our Love,

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  1. This is a great piece of writing for your grandson. If every person had a grandfather like you in his or her corner, inspiring them as you do, the world would most likely have a better balance. A world of appreciation, acceptance and love. Your love shines through and I know your grandson can feel that. Very special!