Friday, December 26, 2014

Basketball Conundrums

Anymore Christmas Day is a tribute to a winter sport, basketball. All day into the late of night, from tip off to last whistle, the games, one after another, go on and on. Notably was the Miami Heat verses the Cleveland Cavilers, LeBron James against his old team mate Dwayne Wade. 

For Philly fans who witnessed the 76ers last game against Miami earlier in the week probably figured this would be like a walk in the park for Cleveland and they would just pummel Miami. That's really what happened when the 76ers overcame a 23 point deficit in the third quarter and defeated Miami at the end, handily. It's tough to figure that an upstart Philly team could do something a true contender, Cleveland,  couldn't do. Professional sports take some amazing turns that even the wisest pundits could not predict. 

Well, the wobbly pundit that I am, won't watch the 76ers tonight, too late a start at 10PM. I'd love to, but I'll never keep my eyes open past 11 o'clock. Sunday I'll watch the swan song of our vaunted Eagles. That way I'll be able to holler at the talking heads who will be apologizing for the fall of another Philly team while forgetting losing is a generalization endemic to Philly teams. Someday, probably beyond my lifespan, Philly teams will repopulate with superior athletes and announcers will fadeaway, bringing on a more honest reporting, enabling Philadelphia to reach supremacy on their sports venue once again. I hope you'll be alive to witness this era.

Ronald C. Downie

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