Friday, November 15, 2013

Stupid Is ...

I can't get Forrest Gump's assertions out of my mind in times as these, times of utter stupidness by our federal elected officials. "Stupid is, as stupid does" certainly defines the two bodies, House and Senate: the House, closing down government for a couple weeks; the Senate, inert from holds on appointees. 

Maybe, the full stupidness of their doings wouldn't be so obvious if each body was held in high esteem by voters, "We The People". Instead the public places incumbent legislators in the lowest hog mire ever, at a mere 9% approval.  

Just how stupid do legislators think the public is ? 
I believe most people feel deep down they're quite dumb but they also feel they can't do anything about it. When this happens, the politician has the public right where they want them. The lethargy of, "can't do anything about it", creates an attitude of do nothing, or "don't rock the boat". 

Dumb and dumber seems to be an apt description of our electorate today when what we desperately need are voters who are smarter and smarter. Professional politicians train to deceive their constituents so truths and falsehoods become intermingled in the voters mind. This way the politician can put themselves out there as the true arbiter of good and evil. They want us to believe they're invaluable and life can't function without them.

No longer can we continue to be "stupid is, as stupid does" type people. In order for us to populate a more equal union we have to vote smarter. We have to throw the bums out and we have to engender a whole new breed of politicians who will be more responsive to their constituents.

From what other body of 535 public servants (435 House, 100 Senate) are there so many millionaires. Many who are, are multi-millionaires; those who aren't, are still rich beyond most persons in the middle class.
Our founders never realized we would have so many professional politicians entrenched in our congress as we do today. 

Getting elected just may be the quickest trip to wealth. If they don't gain riches while in office; when out, they pander for an enriching position as a lobbyist. The story's out : a lobbying job is a real high paying plum.

I'm sure Forrest Gump would keep mumbling "stupid is, as stupid does" over and over again when he heard what congress had been up to. He'd know that our congress acts like they were a box of chocolates, when one was opened up, he wouldn't know what he was getting. 

Ronald C. Downie

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