Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hitch Our Wagon

Please consider "hitching our ( Pottstown's ) wagon to a star". Ask yourselves, what's one of the few stars rising within our borough ? There are not many. 

I'd suggest Pottstown, hitch its wagon to the ascending star of MCCC.. The Montgomery County Community College, west campus, is strongly positioned in our town and its future seems quite secure. It is here for the long term ! 

In the pursuit of knowledge, there comes a strength of conviction beyond the sum total of the the efforts expended, which is called wisdom. Gaining wisdom is one of the main purposes of a successful life.

Checkout any college town and you'll find, in every one, an intangible vitality. Vitality is a commodity severely lacking in Pottstown. MCCC is in the business of learning : expanding one's self, casting off the dreaded prejudices of ignorance, and, not only finding new horizons, but ascending them to look for those unscaled horizons beyond. 

I suggest Mosaic Lands Trust or any other entity in the  borough form a committee to press MCCC to meet with them to explore a more interactive relationship between the entities. Yes, I know there has been a good synergy between the borough and the college but most of that has involved the transfer of property. There is something more than tangibles at stake here. The life blood of Pottstown has essentially been drawn from herself and she needs, in my mind, a transfusion. 

It takes people of divergent interests to come together and discuss what each could possibly do for the other.  "Hitching Pottstown's Wagon To A Star" would be another positive step forward and forward is the only direction we should take.

Ronald C. Downie

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