Thursday, November 14, 2013


Oligarchy - political system governed by a few people.

In yesteryears the United States of America was the premier Republican Democracy challenged by the Communist Soviet Union for the dominance of the whole world. Today the Soviet Union has broken up and goes under Russia once more but continues to stir up confusion in the world. 

Here, in the USA, we've never really figured out if we're a Republic or a Democracy or some highbred of either. Instead, the moneyed in our time play to the publics' apathy as they begin pulling wool over sleepy eyes. Their goal is to accumulate as much wealth as possible and to gain, not only financial superiority but, their primary goal, is to gain ultimate political power to weld complete control over the country.

With complete control these Oligarchs continue to pile up wealth just like the Walton family. This family has amassed over a 100 Billion dollars through ownership of Walmart which is reported to pay employees the minimum wage that causes many employees to have apply for food stamps just to feed their families. Also reported is the fact that 40% of all new wealth created in the last few years has gone to the oligarchs who comprise the top 1% of US taxpayers.

Do you, as a member of the lower 47% that candidate Romney described, quite understand the position you're placed in. You and me, and almost everyone you'll see, are but serfs in present day clothing. Not unlike, in the long past feudal systems when a King and his court took everything for themselves, today's oligarchs want all the wealth and political power for themselves. 

The plight of the peasants of the past was expressed in literature by a hero defender, called, Robin Hood. Both you and I, and all the rest of you, are the latest inhabitants of our own Sherwood Forrest. Now, we need our own, present day Robin Hood. I thought the Occupy movement would develop some candidates but they seem to be unable to stay in existence let alone birth progressive leaders.

Before our voting system is highjacked completely by the oligarchs, vote out the offenders to the democratic 
process. Look past a candidate's wants so you can vote for citizen's needs. Keep looking, keep pressing for a modern day Robin Hood to surface, since each voter has to become their own savior, Robin Hood may be in each of us.

Ronald C. Downie 

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