Thursday, November 10, 2016

Gulf's Wetted Sand

Foot impressions upon fresh wetted sand,
Eyes west, thoughts universal, time is dusk.

Sun rays, sun set, photographic phone's eye
Snaps the scene, sailboat silhouettes yonder

Earth's ark. Wedded to Florida's weather
Our birthday girl, Lia, found this her home.

Water fowl and sea creatures capture eyes
Above and below the swells of constant

Motion. You chose the Gulf shore to settle
In your life's quest, yes, a health provider.

Following your bliss,  Florida's west coast
Fits you quit well, Marty too, and his boys;

Your boys, also, Blues and Max, both barkers.
And your parents, Nanny and me, Pop Pop.

Thru the house, armed to the teeth, Lia works :
Vacuum, wet steamer, broom and cloth duster.

Orderly, "a place for everything and
Everything in its place", a cook supreme.

You are our personal provider, nurse.
"Boys" love you beyond animal instinct.

Mom and I have more than respect for you ;
We love you as a daughter, our best friend.

Love, Happy Birthday !

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