Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Back to Learning Sewing

Unlike many Americans, I feel sort of safe this morning since I am a child of immigrants, both parents born abroad, both in Scotland, but my brother Andy and I were conceived and born in the 1930's just north of New York City. We are Caucasian, Lilly white, unlike many young people of a darker skin who may be targeted if what has been said this last year during the election process actually comes into fruition.

Realizing, as I do, that females rejected placing a women in the top seat of government by not voting for Clinton to be the first female to break that glass ceiling. Our people have loudly spoken : this country shall be guided from the White House by a male for the for the foreseeable future. "Right by might" remains in full force today.

Thank goodness, the halls of education have seen this coming and are resurrecting women studies in both middle and high schools. Traditional courses of home economics, sewing, typing, and such once quite visible in schools will comeback and take their place once again. Yes, this outcome will stifle many females from attending college and they will filter down into the masses available for marriage. Marriage  on male's terms - "right by might" - cooking, cleaning, bearing children.

What a waste ! Females, by the numbers, are the dominant electors. But females, because they are not a homogeneous group have been browbeaten since the inception of our country by male dominance, and now don't seem to have an escape route out. They haven't accepted the ballot box as their way out, their saving grace. Where are the females willing to become global leaders who will cast off the shackles of Centuries and step up to be heard ?

Ronald C. Downie

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