Saturday, April 16, 2016

Missing in Action

He's missing in action, did he go over the hill, call the cops "missing person", where did he go ?

Look as I must, the game must go on, in spite of a missing man. You see, I watch Phillies's games on TV and one of the main persons I look for each game is the guy in the stands sitting just behind home plate working the pitched ball speed gun. All games, all innings he was there.

Low and behold this year he's gone. Where ? The speed of each pitch  is still indicated on the screen but by who, how ? I haven't heard any
announcer talk of the change.

Think if the Phill's, wanting to keep up with the present age, rather than acquiring name players, may have decided to go to robots instead of bodies. Not needing healthcare, nor vacations, nor overtime robots do the job without negotiations with management. Just a routine greasing and oiling is all a robot needs. Eventually robots may take the field instead of young men but, until then, I'll watch the games on TV still looking for where the speed of a pitch is being recorded.

Ronald C. Downie

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