Thursday, April 14, 2016

Facebook Memories

Ever since "Memories" appeared on Facebook I've become lax at posting anything current which I've just written. I realize most people won't read what I write about since it's written by an old geezer and not accompanied by photographs or reposts of someone famous. I doubt, in the big picture of life, if this matters, although, it matters to me. Rarely do I get to talk to people who can digest my thoughts in some meaningful way and question me about them, the true sense of what's called, "social discourse".

Don't get me wrong, I see the benefits in Facebook's interest of reposting pieces written years ago because they contain some nuggets of wisdom no matter when I wrote them. Gaining "Wisdom", in the grand scheme of things, is still the ultimate goal of Man. Writing about this effort has always been my driving force, even though, not all of us thinks the same way.

Memories seems all I have to relate to, at my age and infirmities, since neither reality will ever be reversed and no one knows what really happens beyond death. My living hope has always been for one of my offspring to adopt my writings and after studying them see if any have worth in printing them. Better yet, may someone of my progeny take up writing in their own style and may their's put mine to shame and may mine rest also with my memories and me into eternity.

Ronald C. Downie

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